Schematic Account of a Communication System. Diagram. 1948. Claude E. Shannon. From A Mathematical Theory of Communication.

CFP: Models and Modelling, Archiv für Mediengeschichte

The Archiv für Mediengeschichte is one of the crown jewels of contemporary research on the history, theory, and philosophy of media. It seems to me that journal success sometimes means a sort of bureacratization and neutralization of its identity--more submissions arrive from afar, peer reviewing procedures start sifting out the most idiosnycratic texts, etc--but the Archiv has maintained and even enhanced its mission & identity for a decade or so now. The CFP for the next issue on "Models and Modelling" just came out. I bet it'll be a great issue and it's a great opportunity to publish in an exciting venue.


Deadline: Apr 30, 2014

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