Hy Hirsh. Divertissement Rococo,1951. Frame enlargements from 16 mm color film with sound, produced with an oscilloscope. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Archive, Hollywood, California. 

Scattershot suggestions for diversion and instruction:

Media critic Jeff Sconce's delightfully dyspeptic blog:  http://ludicdespair.blogspot.com/

Organization for media and political activism co-founded by media philosopher Bernard Stiegler: http://arsindustrialis.org/

Occasional meditations from media and communications theorist Ben Peters:  http://petersbenjamin.wordpress.com/

Political group co-founded by philosopher Barbara Cassin: www.appeldesappels.org

Isaac Bigsby Trogdon, design & web development, Berlin: www.isaacbigsbytrogdon.com

Dyssembler, record label for house, r&b, bass music, Berlin:  www.dyss.net

Academic translations to order among English, French, and German by Markus Hardtmann: https://tasktranslationservices.wordpress.com

Musings by environmental historian Etienne Benson: www.etiennebenson.com

Speculations and commentary from media theorist Jussi Parikka: www.jussiparikka.net

Recent work by Tommaso Venturini of the MediaLab at Sciences Po Paris: www.tommasoventurini.it/web/

Paris-itical comments from DJay Indie Eclectique: www.parisnormal.blogspot.com/

At the intersections of American, German and French theory, just at the crossroads of serial TV and digital distraction, there is Shane Denson's Interdisciplinary Media Initiative in Hannover: http://medieninitiative.wordpress.com/

Miscellany from the blog of economist and sociologist Rigas Arvanatis http://rigas.ouvaton.org/

Cutting edge research on art and philosophy at Collapse: http://urbanomic.com/

The New Media field manual collates new work on new media: http://newmediafieldmanual.wordpress.com/

Digital historian and media archaeologist Stefan Höltgen: http://www.simulationsraum.de

Film scholar Chuck Kleinhans on chow http://chuckandchow.tumblr.com/ (and just as delectable, the journal he and Julia Lesage co-edit, Jump Cut http://www.ejumpcut.org/home.html )

Steven Shaviro non-cinematic, a-linear blog posts on cinema, post-cinema, continuity, post-continuity, and more: http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/

Berlin-based musician Dan Bodan. If you haven't heard his music, go now: https://soundcloud.com/dan-bodan

Oozing sounds from Berlin-based dance music maestro Hush Hush: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hush-Hush/106992112665624

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