She got a TV eye: "Smarter Planet," print advertisement created by Ogilvy, France for IBM, 2010.

Scattershot suggestions for diversion and instruction:

Media critic Jeff Sconce's delightfully dyspeptic blog:

Organization for media and political activism co-founded by media philosopher Bernard Stiegler:

Occasional meditations from media and communications theorist Ben Peters:

Political group co-founded by philosopher Barbara Cassin:

Isaac Bigsby Trogdon, design & web development, Berlin:

Dyssembler, record label for house, r&b, bass music, Berlin:

Academic translations to order among English, French, and German by Markus Hardtmann:

Musings by environmental historian Etienne Benson:

Speculations and commentary from media theorist Jussi Parikka:

Recent work by Tommaso Venturini of the MediaLab at Sciences Po Paris:

Paris-itical comments from DJay Indie Eclectique:

At the intersections of American, German and French theory, just at the crossroads of serial TV and digital distraction, there is Shane Denson's Interdisciplinary Media Initiative in Hannover:

Miscellany from the blog of economist and sociologist Rigas Arvanatis

Cutting edge research on art and philosophy at Collapse:

The New Media field manual collates new work on new media:

Digital historian and media archaeologist Stefan Höltgen:

Film scholar Chuck Kleinhans on chow (and just as delectable, the journal he and Julia Lesage co-edit, Jump Cut )

Steven Shaviro non-cinematic, a-linear blog posts on cinema, post-cinema, continuity, post-continuity, and more:

Berlin-based musician Dan Bodan. If you haven't heard his music, go now:

Oozing sounds from Berlin-based dance music maestro Hush Hush:

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